Running the Boston Marathon for Children’s Hospital Boston — Update

Boston Marathon, Cause-Related Marketing, Direct Marketing, Fundraising, Marketing
As I first wrote in this space about three months ago, on April 17, I’ll be pounding the pavement once again from Hopkinton to Boston, determinedly putting one foot in front of another for more than 26 long, arduous miles. It’ll be the 8th time I’ve taken the same exhausting journey. And I’ll be tired and sore most of the way. But it doesn’t get any better than crossing the finish line of what is arguably the most prestigious road race in the world, the Boston Marathon, especially when you’re running as a member of Children’s Hospital’s Miles for Miracles Team Boston, raising funds for one of the best pediatric hospitals in the country, located right here in my home state of Massachusetts. This time around, I have committed to…
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A “Star-Spangled” Testimonial for Word of Mouth Marketing

Advertising, Direct Marketing, Marketing
If you live and breathe marketing so much that you make time to read about it here and elsewhere throughout the blogosphere, chances are you already know a thing or two about referral marketing. It's the idea of asking your customers and constituents to turn on their friends, relatives and colleagues to whatever it is you may have to offer. Book and CD clubs, auto dealerships, banks, professional services providers and many small businesses rely on such referrals, often bestowing deep discounts, cash incentives and free this-and-that upon those helping to extend their brands. In fact, asking your constituents to spread the word for you can be so effective, it really is quite surprising that more organizations haven't put referral marketing to work for them. But, according to a story…
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The New England Direct Marketing Association’s Brave New Conference Blog

Blogging, Direct Marketing, Marketing
I’m pleased to announce that the New England Direct Marketing Association has just launched a blog to help promote its upcoming conference, NEDMA ’06, It’s a Brave New World. And, in addition to my position as co-chair of the conference, I couldn’t be more excited – or, some might say, fanatical – to be taking on the responsibilities of moderating this blog. Yes, like any blog, it’ll be a labor of love for all involved, but the truth is that using a blog as an online propagation tool should almost be a requirement for anyone staging a major conference amidst today’s new marketing landscape. Not only will a blog enable NEDMA to post key news and information on the fly, but it’ll also allow us to engage our different audiences…
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The Ding Heard ‘Round the Marketing World

Advertising, Branding, Direct Marketing, Marketing
It’s not the first branded desktop application to be used for marketing purposes, but it has certainly struck a chord with consumers and marketers alike. DING, a simple, little desktop application used by Southwest Airlines to stimulate more ticket sales, has worked so well for the Dallas-based company that it’s only a matter of time before others follow suit – if they haven’t already – and launch similar initiatives of their own. In an article in DM News on December 5, 2005, Christine Blank wrote, “Online research firm Compete Inc., Boston, found that DING users are 45 percent more likely to book tickets through Southwest than the average visitor to Sales driven through the services are estimated at $60 million a year.” “More than 900,000 consumers have downloaded the…
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“Reverse Hunger Strike” Undertaken by Publicity-Starved Ad Exec

Advertising, Direct Marketing, Marketing, Public Relations
Robert Rosenthal, an award-winning advertising executive, and founder of the direct marketing agency Mothers of Invention (formerly known as Passaic Parc), is undertaking a reverse hunger strike to call attention to serious problems that exist in the advertising industry - problems with significant economic impact. "Every day, people in this business encounter a lack of respect, a lack of understanding of the value of what we do, and a stunning lack of loyalty. Hopefully, my reverse hunger strike will get people talking about these problems and improve working conditions. When that happens, we all win," says Rosenthal. Rosenthal, a Sudbury neighbor of mine and fellow member of the New England Direct Marketing Association, is going on this rather unusual strike in conjunction with the launch of his agency's new moniker,…
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Newport’s John Pannell: “Ask for a Test Package, Not a Proposal”

Client Service, Direct Marketing, Fundraising
In the November/December 2005 issue of NEDMA News, John Pannell, Founder and President of Newport Creative Communications (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, is the agency for which I work), questions the traditional client-agency RFP process. John Pannell Founder and President of Newport Creative Communications “Personally, I don't think nonprofit organizations should be making any big decisions about the future of their fundraising programs based on proposals received from a short list of direct response fundraising agencies,” writes John. “Don't send out that RFP and trust that the best proposal necessarily represents the best agency for you. Don't fool yourself into thinking that your suitors' references aren't carefully selected to provide only the most flattering recommendations. Don't mistake charisma for capability or promises for results.” His suggestion? “Clearly, there…
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