Do You Whistle While You Work?

A few weeks or so ago, a colleague of mine asked me what song I was whistling as I walked by her office. As I recall, it was Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor," but as much as I like that song, it doesn’t matter what I was whistling. What really matters is that the occasional whistling I do around the office had caught her attention and made me think twice about just how much our body language says, for better or worse, to those around us. Whistling, of course, is usually a sign of happiness and a cheerful disposition. Even though I do it almost without realizing it, I don't think I'd be able to whistle if I wasn't feeling good about something. In fact, it’s almost impossible to whistle with a frown on your face. And like smiling,…
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Social Media: It’s Personal

Blogging, Facebook, Social Media, Twitter, YouTube
Don’t tell me social media isn’t personal. Sure, it’s not the same thing as actually sitting down and talking to someone in person, face-to-face. But it’s often the next best thing. And in some cases, it’s the only thing. Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like is a great way to connect with people who otherwise might not give you the time of the day because they’re either too busy or have reason to believe they have little in common with you. Social media is also perfect for keeping in touch with people who it’s impossible to meet up with in person because they simply live or work too far away. For example, my friend, Amelia, is situated some 3,000 miles away from me in Seal Beach, California. We’re both…
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The 10 Qualities of the Professional Freelancer

Advertising, Copywriting, Direct Marketing, Marketing
For about seven years in the 1990s, I was self-employed, doing my thing as a freelance copywriter and creative director for my own small business, Cargill Creative. It was the time of my career, a period of exhilaration and entrepreneurship I'll never forget. As challenging as it was to have to fend for myself, it felt good to know that almost everything I achieved was dependent on my own abilities and actions, not necessarily on any outside factors. I was working on a high wire without a safety net and I liked it.   As I wrote here on this blog back on June 1, 2004, about this experience... Cargill Creative was a “virtual” agency with unlimited potential but resources that were only so deep. Schooled as a creative, I recast myself out…
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