How I Use Twitter to Follow Boston-Area News

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I'm a news junkie. I admit it. I can't go much more than a few hours without a fix of the latest headlines. The weather forecast is important to me. If there’s been a crime committed, a notable death, an accident, a fire or any tragedy or disaster whatsoever, I like to know about it. I’m a huge sports fan. Celebrity gossip amuses me. Significant milestones and achievements impress me. I’m entertained by pop culture and fascinated by anything to do with business or politics. And if any of this news is local, I find it even more interesting. That’s why I spend so much time listening to the radio, watching TV and reading articles on such online properties as,, Sudbury Patch and Wicked Local Sudbury. And that’s one…
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50 Reasons Why People Use Social Media

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Since I included a list of 50 reasons why people don’t use social media in my most recent post, I thought it only made sense to follow up with a similar list, only this time focusing on the opposing point of view, the reasons why people do use social media. Sure, as I wrote in that last post about those who are reluctant to jump on the social media bandwagon, “there are still plenty of skeptics, detractors and naysayers among us, especially in the corporate world, where cautiousness and conservatism abound.” But as I also pointed out, there are more than 800 million users of Facebook, over 120 people on LinkedIn and more than 200 million accounts on Twitter. There's certainly a critical mass of people using social media today,…
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