The Picture of New Marketing — Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

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I've been seeing the same physician in the same building in Wellesley for more than 20 years. And I've been happy -- very happy -- with the healthcare he and his colleagues have provided me with there at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates all that time. Some things never change. And that's a good thing. But what has changed over the years is how this group medical practice markets itself. And that's also a good thing. I can't honestly say I remember how they used to promote their services back in the day. But I've definitely taken note of their marketing activities of late. And maybe that's the point. Thanks to their blog (where they publish articles about everything from "Tips for Getting Ready for the School Year" to "Computer use and…
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The Picture of New Marketing — Redbox

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Netflix. Amazon Instant Video. Blockbuster @Home. The Apple iTunes Store. On demand from Verizon, Xfinity, Comcast or another cable TV provider.... I don't know where you rent your movies, but my wife, Barbara, and I are huge fans of Redbox. We love both the convenience and affordability (only $1.20 per day) of renting movies via the big, bright, candy apple red kiosks, of which there are two in Sudbury (MA), the town in which we live, at the Shaw's and Sudbury Farms supermarkets. Redbox. Brilliant business model. Great branding. And, if you ask me, the picture of new marketing. So...where do you rent your movies? And why? Please don't hesitate to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Thanks. To learn more about Redbox, click here.
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