Do You Guarantee Your Performance on the Job?

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What’s not to like about a guarantee? Anyone in marketing knows how good a guarantee can be for business. A strong guarantee goes a long way toward removing any skepticism among your constituency and helps convert leads to sales. From a consumer's point of view, it’s reassuring to know that a company believes so highly in its products and services that it’s willing to stand behind them, even if it means having to dole out a refund to anyone who claims dissatisfaction. A guarantee not only shows confidence in what you have to offer, it’s a powerful demonstration of good faith, a great way of telling those on the other side of the table that there's no way you'll be happy unless they're more than happy with their purchase. Do…
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The Picture of New Marketing — The Tablet Computer

Business, Marketing, Social Media
I did it. I got a tablet. I had been thinking of getting one of these small, mobile, touchscreen computing devices for a long time until I finally bought one last month -- on Black Friday, of course -- at Best Buy in Marlborough, MA. I have to admit I haven't exactly broken it in yet. I've only used it a couple dozen times or so, mostly for keeping up with the news on and checking my email, not nearly enough to have developed a comfortable, regular routine on it. I have big plans for my Kindle Fire HD, though. I see myself using it for social media consulting over coffee, lunch and dinner with clients as well as for reading eBooks, listening to music, watching movies, shopping and other…
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