A Few Words with Jamie Bradley about Printing, Marketing, Social Media and More

Business, Direct Marketing, Marketing, Social Media
[caption id="attachment_4295" align="alignright" width="138"] Jamie Bradley[/caption] Jamie Bradley is a marketing, sales and printing professional with a great deal of experience and expertise. He is also a really nice guy blessed with a gregarious, easygoing personality. I’ve known Jamie for some 20 years or so, mainly through the many New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA) and other industry-related functions we both attend, and I've always enjoyed his company. Not only does he know print production inside and out, he’s also a smart, seasoned businessman, someone who’s been there, done that so often that you just know you can count on him for a good answer or the right solution. Jamie and I had lunch recently at Panera Bread on Waltham Street in Lexington, during which time we talked about all…
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How to Use Twitter in More Ways Than One

Social Media, Twitter
With more than 200 million monthly active users, Twitter is a much bigger, more versatile communications vehicle than those who aren’t using it may realize. Nowadays, not only is Twitter used to connect and chat with others, it is also used for everything from public relations to customer service, branding to broadcasting, education to entertainment, marketing to sales, newsgathering to job-seeking and much more. Yet despite its obvious popularity and countless uses, Twitter is still widely misunderstood -- and, if you ask me, severely underestimated -- by a multitude of holdouts, people who would benefit in more ways than one from using it if they only knew where to begin. So in the spirit of enlightenment and education, I’ve amassed a small library of articles, posts and resources on Twitter, each and…
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The Cure for the Common Sign

Advertising, Branding, Business, Marketing
On a visit to the Burlington Mall recently, shortly after I had entered the building, I came across this very cool sign from Lahey Clinic at my feet. Okay. It’s just a sign, but the marketer in me couldn’t help but be ridiculously impressed with how much it had going for it. Seriously, I was so smitten with its stopping power, I had to, well, stop whatever it was that I was doing and take a picture of it. I like this sign for more reasons than one… It's located on the floor, where you might not necessarily expect to see a sign. Its message serves to reinforce the Lahey Clinic brand and goes a long way toward the promotion of healthy living. For walkers, it’s a very practical sign with an…
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