How to Use LinkedIn in More Ways Than One

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If you could only be active on one social network for the sake of your career, it would have to be LinkedIn. Seriously, LinkedIn is a must for professionals in all walks of business life. You would be conspicuous in your absence if you did not establish a presence there. I love LinkedIn. It includes similar features and functionality of its social media brethren – Facebook, Twitter and the like – but the activity there is far more buttoned up and includes few, if any, displays of frivolity. I have been a member of LinkedIn since July 26, 2004, having amassed a total of 961 connections, 51 recommendations and who knows how many endorsements so far. You can view my LinkedIn profile here. I'm a frequent visitor to LinkedIn, where…
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WAAF’s Greg Hill Talks about His New Restaurant in Sudbury, Twitter and More

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I was excited to hear recently that a new restaurant was coming to Sudbury, the town where I live. And given that it was going to be located in Sudbury Town Square, a new complex of shops and business offices that everyone around here has been talking about, I was particularly curious. But I honestly didn’t give this news much thought until I noticed this restaurant happened to be following me on Twitter. How cool was that? What really got my attention, though, was when I got a tweet from this restaurant thanking me for following them and making a reference to my plans to run the Boston Marathon, which they only could have known by doing a little research on me. Of course, I was flattered. Everyone likes to…
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