Five Ways President Trump Takes Advantage of Social Media

Branding, Marketing, Social Media
I didn’t vote for him last November. There was no way this registered Democrat from the blue state of Massachusetts would check that box. But I have to give him props for his tweets. How a 70-year-old-man who just so happens to be the President of the United States uses Twitter more effectively than many businesses, brands and marketing professionals, I’ll never understand. It’s true, though. Not that he isn’t sometimes impulsive and insulting on social media, but the President is using these channels – mainly Twitter, but also Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – the way they’re supposed to be used. Yup. If nothing else, President Trump has got it all going on when it comes to social media. He’s conveying his honest feelings, like them or not, directly to…
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Five Great Storytellers on Social Media

Branding, Business, Marketing, Social Media
What would we do without social media? Seriously, do you know how little trust consumers have these days in advertising, marketing and PR? Not to be the bearer of bad news, but people really don’t believe many of our taglines, headlines, subject lines and claims to this, that and the other thing anymore. Especially millennials. But they do believe what we say on social media. Well, not everything we say there. To be fair, the writing has been on the wall about traditional media for a long time now. As authors Rick Levine, Chris Locke, Doc Searls and David Weinberger said in their landmark book, The Cluetrain Manifesto, around the turn of this century... “Corporate firewalls have kept smart employees in and smart markets out. It’s going to cause real…
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