10 Things Wrong With Marketing Today

I have met the enemy and it is us. Yup. Not to sound like an alarmist, but if those of us who earn our livelihoods in marketing continue down the same long, circuitous path we’ve been on since the turn of this millennium, we may as well throw our hands up in the air and cry “uncle.” Never mind the Joneses, after all, we’re hardly keeping up with anyone anymore on the receiving end of our marketing messages. We’re moving in circles as an industry, if we’re moving at all. We’re falling dangerously far behind. We need to wake up and smell the cold-brewed coffee. We need to stop marketing like it’s 1999 and start realizing that it’s no longer business as usual. This is 2017 going on a future…
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Are you a trust agent?

Business, Marketing, Social Media
Thanks, as always, to my ridiculously awesome - and VERY patient - wife, Barbara, for recording this video. It's all about the importance of trust agents in business, especially in social media and marketing. It's my takeaway from a book written by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. The question is...Are YOU a trust agent?
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Three Problems in Corporate Social Media

Marketing, Social Media
There are many reasons why businesses and brands struggle with the development and implementation of a successful social media program. Time. Talent. Technology. The list is endless. In an article I read recently, however, renowned speaker, educator, consultant and author, Mark Schaefer, identified what he feels are three of the biggest problems in this area. Leadership, content shock and unrealistic goals. I can’t disagree. Here are my thoughts on Mark’s article and how I think these problems are reducing so many companies’ chances for success in social media.
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