Use Social Media as an Ice-Breaker

Marketing, Social Media
Back in 1990 or so, I joined Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a public speaking group, and one of the first speeches you give in Toastmasters is called the ice-breaker. The ice-breaker's point is to allow people to get to know you. You share a lot about who you are as a person...your interests, your hobbies, your lifestyle, your personality, your family, your work. You share as much as you're comfortable sharing with the others. The idea is to connect with the audience. The idea is to let them get to know you. The idea is to make future speeches a lot more comfortable for both you and the audience because you've now been connected. Think of social media - brands, personal brands and corporate brands - as your ice-breaker. You should…
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12 Boston-Area Marketing Pros to Follow on Twitter, Part I

Boston, Business, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter
There are roughly 330 million monthly active users of Twitter, and who knows how many of them work or live in and around Boston. I’ve identified a dozen of those users who not only fall into the latter category, though, but who also happen to have proven themselves to be ridiculously accomplished marketing professionals. If you’re not following these rock stars of marketing, advertising, PR and social media yet, get after it now. Here is a little information about each of them, including their respective Twitter handles and an aggregated stream of their latest tweets from a public list I’ve added them to on Twitter. You can follow them individually by clicking on their handles below and subscribe to my list, which includes all 12 of them, here. 1. Beth…
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