10 Ways Brands are Using Social Media for Good

Branding, Cause-Related Marketing, Marketing, Nonprofits, Social Media
Asking questions. Running contests. Sharing pictures. Promoting products and services. There are many ways for brands to attract attention on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Included among this list of ways to get people to sit up and take notice on social media is to show the softer side of your brand and declare your support of a worthy charitable organization. After all, almost everyone on these channels is trying to sell something, whether it’s a product, service or simply themselves. Almost everyone is like the carnival barker cajoling the passersby to step right up and come inside the tent. But a small percentage of them are associating their brands with a noble cause, giving those in the audience a reason to feel good about making the decision to…
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How 10 Nonprofit Brands Roll on Twitter

Fundraising, Nonprofits, Social Media
Branding. Marketing. Selling. There are countless reasons why you would use social media for business. And if you’re a nonprofit organization, one of those reasons would be fundraising. In fact, as direct mail, telemarketing and other traditional methods of acquiring and retaining donors give way to digital communications, nonprofits of all shapes and sizes are jumping on the social media bandwagon. And many of them are working the crowds on these online channels as well or even better than their commercial brethren. Not only are they on social media to ask for financial support, they’re on it to mobilize their advocates, recognize their volunteers, illustrate their needs, report on their progress and much more. Good for them. And good for the worthy charitable causes they represent. Here’s how 10 nonprofit…
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Every Time the Red Sox Win, I’m Making a Donation to Christopher’s Haven (Thanks to Snoball)

Boston Red Sox, Business, Cause-Related Marketing, Fundraising, Marketing, Social Media
If you’re a faithful Boston Red Sox fan like me, this hasn’t been an easy year to root for the team. As quickly as they manage to cobble together a winning streak of any length, it seems like they're on the losing end of just as many games, offsetting any chance of gaining ground on those ahead of them in the standings. But I’m still rooting for them. Always have, always will. Although I've never cheered for this baseball team in quite the same way as I have been lately. That's because I recently made a pledge on Snoball to donate one dollar to one of my favorite local nonprofit organizations, Christopher’s Haven, for every game the Red Sox win. That may not seem like a lot of money, but…
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I’m in…The Longest Day for the Alzheimer’s Association

On Wednesday, June 20, I’ll be participating in The Longest Day, an exciting and emotional sunrise-to-sunset relay event to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. As a member of my company’s fundraising team, I’ll be doing what I can to honor the perseverance and patience, determination and dedication that those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease – and their caregivers – display every day. The only rule, per se, for this event is at least one member of our fundraising team needs to be in constant motion every second of the approximately 16 hours of daylight on June 20, which is the summer solstice, or the day of the calendar year with the most sunlight. My initial plan was to run for a few hours on The Longest Day, but I broke my big right toe recently (May 26) in a fluke accident, so I probably won’t be able…
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