200 Boston-Area Agencies on Twitter

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Who knows how many marketing, advertising, social media and PR agencies are located in and around Boston? I doubt anybody knows exactly how many there are around here, but I have found 200 of them on Twitter for you to follow. Large, small, old and new, together these agencies represent the best and brightest our industry has to offer. Seriously! Under their roofs right here in Beantown, you could arguably find enough talent, prowess, knowledge and expertise to launch the most sophisticated and successful campaigns in the world. While what they can they do in 280 characters or less on Twitter, of course, isn’t quite the same as what they can do on a blank canvas and an unlimited budget for their clients, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth following…
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Use Social Media Like Chloe Kim

Branding, Social Media
Use social media like Chloe Kim. Chloe jumped, twisted, turned, somersaulted and flew her way to a gold medal recently on her snowboard in the women’s halfpipe competition at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. But what caught my attention almost as much as her prowess on a snowboard was the fact that she used Twitter during the competition. Yup. Chloe somehow found time to tweet between runs about being “hangry” because she hadn’t finished her breakfast sandwich. Kudos to this snowboarding superstar not just for winning gold, but for showing the world the prevalence, pervasiveness and power of Twitter. Despite the triviality of her tweet, it’s still received over 10,000 RTs and 100,00 likes. Businesses and brands (personal or corporate), that use social media like Chloe are more likely…
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12 Boston-Area Marketers to Follow on Twitter, Part II

Boston, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter
Of course, there are far more than just a dozen marketing professionals in the Boston area who you and I should be following on Twitter. There are hundreds, if not thousands who deserve our attention. That’s what couldn't have been more obvious to me after finishing up my last post for this blog. And while I can’t possibly write about every single one of them here in this space, I can certainly give it another whirl. So, to continue the conversation about some of the most ridiculously accomplished people in our industry on Twitter who just happen to work around here – that is, Boston – here are another 12 local rock stars of marketing, advertising, PR and social media. You can follow them individually on Twitter by clicking on…
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12 Boston-Area Marketing Pros to Follow on Twitter, Part I

Boston, Business, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter
There are roughly 330 million monthly active users of Twitter, and who knows how many of them work or live in and around Boston. I’ve identified a dozen of those users who not only fall into the latter category, though, but who also happen to have proven themselves to be ridiculously accomplished marketing professionals. If you’re not following these rock stars of marketing, advertising, PR and social media yet, get after it now. Here is a little information about each of them, including their respective Twitter handles and an aggregated stream of their latest tweets from a public list I’ve added them to on Twitter. You can follow them individually by clicking on their handles below and subscribe to my list, which includes all 12 of them, here. 1. Beth…
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10 Ways the Presidential Candidates are Winning on Twitter

Marketing, Social Media, Twitter
There are less than two months to go until the Iowa caucuses and less than a year until we elect a new president of the United States on November 8, 2016. And while each of the candidates for the highest office in the land is more than competent and capable, there will only be one winner at the polls. To some of us, however, what happens between now and then is just as interesting as voting day itself. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on the sidelines and watching a good, old-fashioned, knock-down, drag-out presidential campaign, especially in this digital day and age? The candidates may be crisscrossing the country on what seems like an endless campaign trail, but they are also sharing news and opinion, commentary, quips and barbs across the…
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Lessons Learned from 10 Terrific Tweets

Social Media, Twitter
There’s both an art and a science to writing for Twitter. To stand out from the crowd, you want to be creative and clever, but you also need to be smart and strategic in order to drive a high level of engagement. It’s not easy for even the best copywriters to strike such middle ground in 140 characters or less. But many brands today manage to capture the right voice on this online communication channel, in many cases enhancing the impact of their words with equally compelling visuals. They’re able to come across as entertaining as they are educational, as personable as they are promotional. Culled from a custom timeline (which you can see here) I’ve been curating on Twitter, here are 10 terrific tweets that would appear to go…
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10 Ways Your Brand Can Stand Out on Twitter

Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter
With over 241 million active users on Twitter, more and more brands are realizing that establishing a presence there is no longer an option. It’s a must. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to get up and running on this social media channel. Building a substantial audience that hangs on everything you’re saying in 140 characters or less? Not so much. Success on Twitter takes time as well as a deep knowledge of the best practices that only comes with experience through trial and error. Keeping an eye on what others are doing on the channel is an excellent way to learn the latest strategies and tactics as well. To monitor how brands are using Twitter to capture the attention of their constituents, I’ve compiled a list of…
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Twitter Guide to Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio Stations in the Boston Area

Boston, Media, Social Media, Twitter
Okay, native Bostonians -- and those of you, like me, who are truly, madly, deeply in love with this wicked cool city -- step right up. This guide's for you. Of course, you don't need me to tell you that there are countless ways to stay enlightened, educated and entertained via traditional media around this town. You know the drill. You know which newspapers and magazines to read. You know which TV and radio stations to tune into when you want to catch up or chill out. But do you know where those very same publishers and disseminators of content live on Twitter? Do you know their handles? Do you know what they're saying and sharing in 140 characters or less? That's why I put together this guide. It's designed…
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