Come Down from Your Ivory Towers

Come down from your ivory towers.

That was a big takeaway for me after reading the book, The Cluetrain Manifesto, back in the day.

That point was made loud and clear to me.

Business executives needed to stop distancing themselves from their constituents and instead start talking to them and even more importantly, listening to them on the internet.

It’s been some 20 years since this book was published, but its main message holds true now more than ever.

Thanks to social media, there is no excuse anymore not to be engaging with your customers, prospects, connections, followers, subscribers, fans and even critics.

The savviest and smartest marketers and advertisers get it. They’re conspicuous in their presence online day in and day out. They’re joining the conversations on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like, if not leading them. They’re strengthening their reputations, supporting their networks, building trust, developing relationships and generating leads.

They’ve come down from their ivory towers and they’ll never look back.

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