Domino’s Homemade Film Festival

Free pizza for a year.

Sounds good to me.

What about you?

Free pizza for a year. That’s the grand prize in the Domino’s Homemade Film Festival contest.

To enter, all you need to do is submit a video of 60 seconds or less by August 21 at 3 PM ET at

Between September 7-11, people can vote for their favorite homemade films about Domino’s, and on September 18, the winners will be announced with $1,560 in Domino’s gift cards going to the grand prize winner, $500 in gift cards to the second place winner and $200 in gift cards to the third place winner.

What a great idea! What a great contest!

This is a win-win campaign if ever there was one.

Domino’s is getting its fans to create their own User-Generated-Content (UGC) on behalf of the brand. And its audience is getting a chance to win free pizza.

I also applaud Domino’s for launching this contest during the pandemic. People have a little more time on their hands lately and are more inclined to enter such a contest as well as order pizza instead of going out to dinner or cooking themselves.

Brands, businesses, marketers and advertisers can learn a lot from this ridiculously awesome case study.

How can YOU do something similar to help promote your own products and services?

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