Put on a Show

Chris Brogan is on to something.

In an article he recently published on LinkedIn here, he said he was going to be changing his title to “Showrunner” and that he would be helping companies turn their business into a show.

Chris is perfectly suited to do just that for his clients. He’s a master communicator, whether he’s hosting his daily video show, The Backpack Show, keynoting a conference or writing a blog post. Imagine what he can do for your digital brand if he does just a little of what he does for himself and others already.

I concur with Chris completely. With the emergence of social media years ago, we said that every brand was a publisher. I say that they’re now broadcasters, too.

Whether we’re talking about independent consultants and contractors or big and small companies, creating a variety of content on a regular basis and sharing it publicly is the way to go in the new year ahead.

Every business should be employing people who are capable of communicating compellingly in front of a camera, behind a microphone and in writing.

To stand out among the clutter and compete successfully against the competition, every brand should be putting on a show in 2021.

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