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Bob Cargill
Bob Cargill

I am an award-winning, all-purpose social media director, content marketer, copywriter and creative director who can help you get the word out about your products, services and people across an array of traditional, digital and social channels.

Over the years, I have written copy to help promote everything from business cards to books, healthcare to software, insurance coverage to investment advice, magazines to music, travel to tuxedos and more. I have helped companies and organizations, commercial and nonprofit, reach out to practically every audience imaginable and establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, donors, fans and followers.

Frankly, I’d be surprised if anyone anywhere has written more copy and content for print, direct mail, email and social media combined than I have over the years.

In addition to my role as a hands-on individual contributor, I take pride in my ability to bring out the best in others as an empathetic, motivational manager, mentor and leader.

I also have a great deal of experience as a public speaker, leveraging the training I received as a member of Toastmasters to present well over 100 times on my areas of expertise to audiences at conferences, trade shows, schools, businesses and miscellaneous organizations.

Finally, I am a ridiculously passionate believer in the power of social media. Ever since I started my own blog on February 17, 2004, I have immersed myself in anything and everything to do with not just the blogosphere, but also LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other online communication platforms, properties, tools and technologies. As an early adopter, heavy user and enthusiastic evangelist of social media, I am more than well-equipped to help you practice and compete successfully in this area.

As Cargill Creative, I am available to work on a contract, freelance, project, temporary or part-time basis.

Bob Cargill At-a-Glance

  • 30+ Years of Experience as a Marketing Professional
  • New England Direct Marketing Association “Direct Marketer of the Year” in 2009
  • Author of the Presentations, “10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media” and “10 Ways to Succeed as a Copywriter
  • Launched Own Blog on February 17, 2004
  • Co-Founder and Co-Host of the Sudbury Social Tweetup Since July 2011
  • Frequent Presenter on Social Media, Copywriting and Direct Marketing
  • Recipient of Over 40 Awards from the New England Direct Marketing Association, including Gold for the Blog, “A New Marketing Commentator,” in 2006 and Gold for Best Tweets in 2010
  • Past President of New England Direct Marketing Association (‘99-’00) and Two Toastmasters Clubs
  • Director of Social Media for the New England Direct Marketing Association
  • Co-Director of Social Media for the Greater Framingham Running Club
  • Alumni Advisory Board, Department of Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Social Media Committee Team Member (Volunteer) for the American Marketing Association Boston
  • Current President of the Greater Framingham Running Club
  • Graduate of Leadership MetroWest’s Leadership Academy (‘92)

Bob Cargill

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