What’s Your Mud?

What’s your mud?

What’s your secret sauce?

What’s the one thing you can offer to your audience members that they can’t get anywhere else?

I read an article in Sports Illustrated recently about this guy who provides Major League Baseball with the mud that’s rubbed on baseballs before they’re used in games. Apparently this mud makes it possible for a pitcher to get a dependable grip on the ball.

This mud is unique. This mud is valuable. This mud, according to this article, has been the only mud used by MLB for decades.

Every brand and business should have the equivalent of this mud as their own product or service. Something exclusive. Something rare. Something no one else can offer.

After all, there is a lot of competition in the marketplace for customers and prospects. In the battle for business, it pays to have something that the people in your audience can’t get anywhere else.

So again, what’s your mud?

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