10 Boston Hotels Crushing It On Social Media

It may be all the rage, but for a variety of reasons, not every business is cut out for social media.

Some will never understand it. Others think it’s a waste of time and money. And finally, there are those who just aren’t the right fit for it.

But most marketers would agree that while social media is not for everyone, it is ideal for those who want to engage with their customers and prospects, especially in real time. If that’s where your audience is, time spent on these relatively new online communication channels is more than well worth it.

Where else can you put the word out to your constituency without feeling like you’re invading their space? Where else can you capture the attention of such a qualified audience who have already indicated they want to hear from you and will be likely to respond?

When consumers are followers on social media, it’s because they’re interested in you and your brand. They’re fans of yours, maybe even influencers of their own personal networks who can bring you even more business. You can watch them and listen to them, learning practically everything about them before reaching out to them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Skip the sales talk on social media, though. Your offer should be to educate, enlighten and entertain them. Fulfill their needs, not yours. Make them smile and they’ll make you successful.

There are many industries for which social media is tailor-made. Hospitality is one of them. Travelers and tourists are looking for the best meals and the best deals. They’re often lost without help, something you can easily provide to them if they’re following you online. Directions, recommendations, highlights and attractions. Give them everything you’ve got.

Learn from these 10 hotels in Boston how to win guests and influence people. Whether you work in the hospitality industry or not, what they know can help you be even more successful on social media. These lessons are scalable. These examples are convertible.

1. The Langham Boston on Facebook – Special Offers

It may be too late to win this spectacular offer on their Afternoon Tea, but if you follow this elegant hotel (formerly the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston) on social media, you’ll find plenty of other reasons to pay them a visit.

2. Colonnade Hotel on Facebook – Social Proof

Guests may know the Colonnade for its popular outdoor rooftop pool, but Ashley Markwood’s blog post about her staycation there points out a bunch of other great reasons to check into this hotel.

3. Boston Park Plaza on Twitter – Cause Marketing

Wearing a red nose may be an excellent way to get attention, but in this case, it is being done to commemorate Walgreen’s Red Nose Day, a campaign to help end child poverty. A win-win social media post if ever there was one.

4. Ames Hotel on Twitter – Newsjacking

Not only is it good form to show you support for the local sports team, it’s a great way to inject yourself into a much broader conversation.

5. Sheraton Boston on Twitter – Localization

Looking for some good content ideas? Look no further than your own backyard. Kudos to the Sheraton Boston for not just taking advantage of the calendar here, but for engaging the local running community as well.

6. Fairmont Copley Plaza on Instagram – Hashtag Marketing

A picture may tell a thousand words, and if it’s as spectacular as this one, it’ll leave you speechless in return. All the Fairmont Copley Plaza had to do was add a short caption and a popular hashtag, #WeddingWednesday, to boost its chances of being seen.

The moments before “I do.” #WeddingWednesday #FairmontWeddings 📸: @allegrophotoboston

A post shared by Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston (@fairmontcopley) on

7. Four Seasons Hotel on Instagram – Contests

The stunning shot of sailboats on the Charles may be what catches your eye, but what will likely capture your attention is the chance to win a prize.

8. Boston Harbor Hotel on Instagram – Opportunism

To see the massive flag that hangs inside the rotunda of the Boston Harbor Hotel is to be impressed. It’s a spectacular sight. It also presents the hotel with a great opportunity to display different sentiments according to what’s going on in town, in this case the Boston Marathon.

9. Hotel Commonwealth on Twitter – Questions and Quizzes

How cool is this? An autographed elevator. Asking the hotel’s audience on Twitter to look closely at the autographs, though, is a stroke of brilliance, as it encourages people to watch the video over and over. Good for branding. Great for the hotel.

10. Boston Park Plaza on Twitter – Corporate Culture

What a fantastic way to win guests and influence people! Smart business is showing love to your employees. Smart marketing is showing it off on social media. After all, a hotel that takes such good care of its employees must take great care of its guests, right?

Note: This post, “10 Boston Hotels Crushing It On Twitter,” was originally published on the AMA Boston blog on June 15, 2017, here, and on LinkedIn on August 9, 2017, here.

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