A Beautiful Day

Tuesday, February 17, 2004 — Today was my first day on the job as Senior Creative Director of Yellowfin Direct Marketing. And it couldn’t have gone better. It really was, like the U2 song that I woke up to in the morning, a beautiful day. Of course, the fact that I’m working in an agency that is smaller than the department I managed at my last job will be an adjustment for me. But that one difference promises to be offset by the many similarities between Yellowfin and everywhere else I have worked. I see this as my opportunity to put it all together, to take the best of the rest and help build the prototypical work place. Our relatively small size will allow me to focus on championing client expectations in a proactive manner, given that I shouldn’t have to worry about getting too caught up in the machinery. Today, I spent most of my time unpacking my business-related belongings, mostly books and files that have traveled with me from job to job. When I got home tonight, I told my wife, Barbara, that I was confident that I was going to be very happy at Yellowfin, that I was feeling galvanized and ready to capitalize on this next chapter of my professional life.

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