Advertising is Everywhere

Advertising, marketing, PR and social media …all this is changing at breakneck speed.

What strategies and tactics worked for us a few years ago, or as recently as last year, could easily backfire on us today.

We can’t afford to have whatever messages we’re sharing with our own respective audiences be anything but relevant, timely, engaging and even amusing.

Never mind the glut of content people are trying to sort through and digest, many consumers, customers and clients won’t tolerate anything that even resembles a sales pitch anymore.

Stop begging for business and start earning that business.

Stop trying to fool those on the receiving end of your messages and start trying to help them.

Stop hitting listeners, viewers and readers over the head time and again and start listening to what they really want from you.

Stop ruining their experience with media they enjoy by interrupting them, underestimating them, talking down to them and yelling at them.

Whether you engage this way with your constituency is up to you, of course, but the choices you make in how you market to the masses could make or break your business in these transformative times.

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