How to Satisfy a Dissatisfied Customer

How do you satisfy a dissatisfied customer?

Ask Norm Laviolette, CEO of Laugh Boston. He knows.

He demonstrated recently what a business should do when a customer complains.

He went above and beyond to turn a bad customer experience into a good one.

When someone complained on social media about the chicken wings she ordered at his establishment, he went out of his way to resolve the issue.

He personally delivered to this customer not just another order of chicken wings, but free tickets to an upcoming show, a $100 food and beverage voucher and a T-shirt.

Good for you, Norm. Kudos, props and cheers to you and Laugh Boston for providing such an exemplary example of ridiculously awesome customer service.

P.S. Thanks to Maureen Dahill’s Caught In Southie article, “Sad Chicken Wings at Laugh Boston Get a Big Response,” for inspiring this video case study and lesson in customer service.

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