If This Doesn’t Get You on Social Media, Nothing Will

These are difficult days, trying times.

Not only are we all still dealing with a devastating pandemic, the coronavirus crisis, but after the tragic death of George Floyd, our nation is facing another crisis, racism, that can’t be ignored.

Everybody needs to speak up.

Everybody needs to listen.

Everybody needs to be heard.

Everybody is reeling for one reason or another.

If this doesn’t get you on social media, nothing will.

While we can’t get together in person for commiseration, collaboration, camaraderie and comfort, we can connect online.

We can use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like to ask our friends and families, our colleagues and clients how they are doing and how we can help.

We can show the human side of our personal and corporate brands.

We can speak from the heart, not from a script.

We can show concern and compassion for our employees and customers.

We can do business with those who demonstrate character, ethics, morals and social responsibility.

We can use social media now more than ever.

We can use social media for good – good for business, good for all.

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