My Review of the Book, Feel Something by Patrick Timmons

In marketing, how do we build trust with our audience?

In a word, empathy.

We walk in their shoes. We see things from their perspective. We feel what they feel.

In fact, being empathetic is one of the keys to success in business, generally speaking, and in life itself.

When we show empathy for others, we tend to be more understanding, kind and compassionate. People appreciate those who are empathetic towards them. It’s a win-win all around.

I am sure Pat Timmons, M.A. would agree with me. He wrote a book on this subject, after all, a ridiculously awesome book called Feel Something: How to Embrace Empathy and Build Trust with Your Audience. His book is both insightful and inspiring, a book I would very highly recommend.

Patrick Timmons

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