The Secret of Success in Marketing and Life Itself


It’s one thing we could all use more of if we want to be more successful in both our professional and personal lives.

Yup. Think more about others and less about yourself.

It’s that easy.

That’s the secret to success in marketing, the field in which I earn my livelihood, in business in general and in life itself.

When you walk in someone else’s shoes, you learn a lot about how they think, feel and live. You gain an understanding of their needs and wants, their shortcomings and strengths, their wins and losses.

You can relate better to them and vice versa. It is easier to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Empathy towards others – friends or family, colleagues or clients, teammates or neighbors, even complete strangers – leads to much better outcomes and many more solutions, far less division, dissension and disappointment.

Ask those around you how they are doing today. Ask them for feedback. Ask them how you can help.

This is just some of what I took away from a ridiculously awesome article I read recently written by the Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner, which you can check out for yourself in its entirety here.

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