Staying in Touch Through Social Media

Back in the day, growing up in the ridiculously awesome town of Franklin, Massachusetts, I was so lucky to have so many friends.

It felt like I knew everybody in town.

Of course, I haven’t stayed in touch with everybody in town over the years, but fortunately, I am able to keep up with a lot of my friends from my hometown and my journey through life thanks to Facebook.

That’s the beauty of social media, one of the many reasons why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like are so ridiculously awesome. For personal or professional purposes, we can share our lives with one another in pictures, stories, news and updates.

That’s the social in social media, something that not enough people realize is such an incredible opportunity.

We can be our business selves with clients, customers and colleagues online. We can be our warm and loving selves with family, friends, relatives and neighbors.

All thanks to social media in general, Facebook specifically.

That’s something I cherish and appreciate, something I’d like to think we would all be taking advantage of – staying in touch with those who mean so much to us when it would not be possible otherwise.

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