The 2021 American Marketing Association Leadership Summit

I had such a ridiculously awesome time this past weekend (May 13-15) providing the social media coverage of FLEX, the 2021 American Marketing Association Leadership Summit.

It was such an incredibly inspirational virtual event that brought together AMA professional chapter leaders from all over the country for networking, learning, celebrating and so much more.

Co-chaired by American Marketing Association Cincinnati‘s Gina Bonar and AMA Houston’s – BJ Gerjes, both of whom were absolutely fantastic in their roles, the Leadership Summit was an energetic, enthusiastic educational experience for countless reasons.

Ordinarily, I would have used a good, old-fashioned selfie stick and phone to take pictures of everybody, but this was a virtual event, of course. So instead, here are a few great group screenshots I captured along the way – How many of these #AMAzing marketing rock stars do you know? – and an embedded tweet leading to a wicked cool Twitter Moment (below) of the 100 or so tweets I shared via the AMA chapter leaders account during the conference. Enjoy!

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