What My Northeastern University Students Have to Say about Social Media

After our Social Media and Brand Strategy Implementation class at Northeastern University in Boston recently, a few of my Northeastern College of Professional Studies students and I recorded a short video on campus about our learning experience together.

Thanks so very much to Rhitika Dutta, Shruti Vats, Chirantan Sanjay Jain and Khushboo Satish Gajwani (behind the camera) for participating in this video in which three of them shared their thoughts on what they’ve taken away from this course that I have teaching there this semester.

I am fortunate to have such ridiculously awesome students as them and all of their classmates. Not only are they ambitious, determined, enthusiastic, hard-working and wicked smart, they are extraordinarily kind human beings. I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them. I couldn’t be more grateful to be their professor.

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