You’ve Got to Work It on Social Media

It took K-pop star, Kang Daniel, only 11 hours and 36 minutes recently to attract a following of one million on Instagram.

That was a Guinness World Record, eclipsing the previous record set by Pope Francis.

I wouldn’t be able to build a following that big in a lifetime, never mind in half a day. And – likely – neither would you.

Unless you’re a celebrity, a popular brand or someone who can afford a big advertising budget, there are no shortcuts to success on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the like.

It takes time, talent and tenacity to build a following on social media.

You’ve got to share plenty of relevant, quality content on a regular basis to build enough of an audience to be successful on social media.

There are no shortcuts, no hacks, no secrets, no magic bullets.

You’ve got to work it on social media.

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