Seven B2B Marketers Rocking It On Social Media

Branding, Marketing, Social Media
The difference between B2C social media marketers and those on the B2B side of the fence is like the difference between hard rock and classical music. You might think of the B2C peeps as the cool kids, loud and proud. Members of the B2B crowd wear suits and speak softly, often stiltedly. While the former wouldn’t hesitate to experiment with Facebook Live or Periscope, the latter may be reluctant to share even pre-recorded video, never mind a live stream. Yup. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that businesses that use social media to market to other businesses are usually quite buttoned up, restrained and cautious. Those businesses that are marketing to consumers on these very same channels, not so much. That doesn’t mean all B2B marketers are afraid to…
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