Carhartt: A Great Brand in More Ways Than One

Workwear. Work clothes. Work gear.

All of the above is what Carhartt makes.

All of it is very high quality and very popular.

Popular because it is so good-looking and long-lasting, but also because the brand itself is just so damn cool.

I mean, I feel like I’m always seeing the logo somewhere on what people are wearing, from complete strangers on the street to the college students I teach to my own two sons.

And now I’m proudly displaying it on a new hat I recently bought.

Now I’m one of the cool kids.

My point is this. Carhartt may say what they have to offer is for the tough and hard working among us, but I’m sure they know that their stuff is being bought for its looks as well by people from all walks of life.

I’m sure they’ve taken the pulse of their brand and audience enough times to know why they’re so super successful.

To a great degree, their brand is not what they say it is, it’s what those who are scooping it up left and right say it is.


I’m sure they know that, but what about you and every other brand out there? How close are you to those who practically worship (hopefully) the products and services you have to offer

Listen to your audience. Observe how – and why – your brand is being consumed so much (or not) and take it from there.

Don’t ever lose touch with those on whom you depend.

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