How to Get Your Audience’s Attention

How do you get your audience’s attention as a marketer?

How do you get your prospects to take the first step in the buyer’s journey?

When I had my own business in the early ‘90s as a freelance copywriter and creative director doing a ton of direct mail marketing, I sent dozens of colorful, hand-painted metal mailboxes stuffed with samples of my work to potential clients.

It was my way of introducing myself to them, my way of prompting them to take notice of me and my professional services.

And it worked wonderful well.

It wasn’t an inexpensive campaign for me, but it was a successful one. It resulted in an abundance of attention and plenty of new business. For years, people would refer to me as the guy who had sent them a real metal mailbox.

That’s just one way I separated myself from the clutter and competition back in the day.

What about you?

What have you done over the years as an individual professional, brand or business to make yourself known? Which campaigns have you conducted to generate leads and sales have stood out among others for their creativity?

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