Ridiculously Awesome Branding by Northeastern University

Meandering around campus at Northeastern University in Boston recently, I noticed the paw prints of the school’s mascot, Paws, painted along the walkway, which made perfect sense to me.

After all, the Husky is the school’s official mascot and nickname.

But I have to admit, I was impressed by the lengths that the school went to in putting those prints on the ground.

That is branding at its absolute finest, make-believe paw prints as if the school’s mascot had come to life and was actually making its way around campus with students, faculty, administrators and others.

How can your business, organization or institution leave tracks so that members of your audience can’t help but be reminded of your presence wherever they go? Online or in the real world (IRL), what visual content can you create that will keep your brand foremost in the minds of your customers and prospects? Like the Northeastern Husky’s paw prints, what symbols and signs, letters and logos will remind your followers and fans of you every time they see them?

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