Treating Your Customers to Something Free

Boloco, a chain of restaurants founded in Boston, offered free small bowls to its customers in three of its locations in the area the other day.

I saw the long line of people waiting to take advantage of this ridiculously awesome offer in front of its Longwood Avenue store.

Good for those happy customers, getting such a great deal on such great food.

And good for Boloco, too, for being so kind and generous to those folks.

From a marketing perspective, why would Boloco do such a crazy thing?

There are plenty of reasons, actually.

Besides just being a nice thing to do for others, in doing so, the business may see a lot of those seeking freebies buying additional menu items at the same time.

They may have the opportunity to attract new customers to the restaurants, too, thereby expanding their audience.

Then there’s all the free publicity that comes their way because of this good deed, which is priceless.

Those are just some of the reasons they would decide to treat customers to something free.

How could your business or brand do something similar for your audience?

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