Using Social Media to Spread the Word

Wait! What? Yes, it’s true. Believe it or not, I went to church recently. The Franklin United Methodist Church to be exact. The same church I went to as a kid growing up in the ridiculously awesome town of Franklin, Massachusetts.

At the most, I go to church only a few times a year, on average. I always enjoy the experience when I’m there, though. Always.

This was a particularly great day to be sitting in the pews with my wife, Barbara, and my mother – who’s been going to this church for over 60 years.

First of all, my sister, Cathy, was playing the organ, as she has done countless times there over the years going all the way back to when she was just a teenager. Watching her work her magic on the keys is always a special treat.

Plus, on this day, in his reflection, Pastor Jacob talked about the importance of using social media to get the word out to a larger audience about faith.

You know I couldn’t agree with him more!

Social media makes it possible for you to reach people you wouldn’t be able to connect with otherwise.

Whether we’re talking about churchgoers or students, employees or relatives, social media enables you to be seen in front of them and heard by them when they are not there with you in person.

I am always impressed with what Pastor Jacob has to say in church, but this day I was especially impressed. Thanks, Jacob Juncker, for your pearls of wisdom, your leadership and vision, your friendship and support.

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