Staying in Touch With Your Audience During the Coronavirus Crisis

Al Roker is delivering his morning weather forecasts for NBC’s TODAY show from his kitchen.

Late-night talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are presenting new DIY incarnations of their shows from home, too.

Popular musicians and celebrities of all kinds are live-streaming on Instagram, Facebook and almost everywhere else on social media, performing hit songs and connecting with fans.

They are doing whatever it takes to keep the show going on, making a huge positive impression on viewers and listeners during these difficult days.

Brands and businesses can be doing the same thing, too.

In fact, some of your most meaningful communications could be taking place during these tough times.

Your customers and prospects will appreciate hearing from you.

But they don’t want marketing and sales pitches, they want to be reassured and comforted.

They want you to show concern and empathy for them.

They want to know there is someone behind the scenes who is thinking about them.

Famous people are engaging with their constituents during this pandemic using some of the same tools and technologies available to you.

Keep in touch with your audience like they’re doing with theirs. Reach out and give them something of value today.

Be relevant. Be timely. Be well.

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