Age Is Not Just a Number

Age is not just a number.

You can say that again.

Age is not just a number.

That’s the hashtag – #AgeisNOTjustaNumber – in a campaign recently launched by Grace Creative, an agency in Los Angeles specializing in marketing to women.

Featuring a special Age Anthem video (which you can watch here) starring a number of women who talk about their respective career and life journeys, this ridiculously awesome new campaign asks women over 50 to “Tell us in a video or photo caption the journey your age has taken you.”

This is an inspirational, motivational campaign that anybody of any age should want to get behind, especially women, of course, as this campaign is geared towards them.

Ageism is real, after all, but everybody ages.

Good for Grace Creative in coming up with such an empowering idea and acting on it. Good for all the women who are contributing to the success of this campaign.

This is great marketing. This is great branding. This is great thinking. This is great crusading.

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