Every Time the Red Sox Win, I’m Making a Donation to Christopher’s Haven (Thanks to Snoball)

If you’re a faithful Boston Red Sox fan like me, this hasn’t been an easy year to root for the team. As quickly as they manage to cobble together a winning streak of any length, it seems like they’re on the losing end of just as many games, offsetting any chance of gaining ground on those ahead of them in the standings.

But I’m still rooting for them. Always have, always will. Although I’ve never cheered for this baseball team in quite the same way as I have been lately.

That’s because I recently made a pledge on Snoball to donate one dollar to one of my favorite local nonprofit organizations, Christopher’s Haven, for every game the Red Sox win. That may not seem like a lot of money, but it could add up to a pretty nice donation if the Sox can rise to the occasion this season and others jump on the bandwagon with me.

Christopher’s Haven, which I ran the Boston Marathon for in 2010, is a nonprofit organization in Boston that provides housing for families who bring their child to Boston’s MassGeneral Hospital for Children for cancer treatment. Founded by Dan Olsen, a three-time cancer survivor, Christopher’s Haven bills itself as “a home for kids when cancer hits home.”

Snoball is a very cool (no pun intended) online platform that makes it possible to specify a condition for a charitable donation that is tied to the user’s interests, from sports statistics to social media events and more. Once the donation has been set up and scheduled, Snoball takes care of the rest, automatically triggering a gift that corresponds with an event, amount and time defined by the donor. In publicizing the donation, such as I’m doing here on my blog, users can take advantage of the potential viral effect, hence the name, Snoball.

So if you’re already on the bandwagon with me in cheering for the Boston Red Sox, you can join me in being a fan of a great charitable cause, too. To donate a dollar — or any amount you’d like — to Christopher’s Haven for every game the Red Sox win, please visit my donation page on Snoball and pledge now.




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