Making It a Pleasure, Not a Pain, for Your Customers and Clients

I was on the MBTA Commuter Rail Green Line recently heading home from work from Boston’s Government Center station to Woodland in Newton.

I’ve taken this route home, this train, the MBTA’s Green Line, a lot, but never had I heard the driver of the train announcing the stops the way this particular driver was announcing them.

She had a ridiculously awesome personality, a tone of voice that was making me feel like we were on a happy, celebratory tour of all the stops along the route of our luxury ride home, like those stops actually meant something to us as commuters about to call it a day.

She wasn’t reciting those stops in a listless, monotone voice like it was just another part of her job. Quite the contrary. She was enthusiastic. She was passionate. She was really giving it her all.

She just had a positive, upbeat tone in her announcements that made me feel good about riding the T, that lifted my spirits after a long, hard day at work. And I told her so when I disembarked. And I tweeted about it. And now I’ve recorded a video about it.

What can other businesses and brands learn from the driver of that train that night?

Give your customers and clients an extraordinary experience, a pleasant surprise. Give them the experience of a lifetime. When they’re engaging in one way, shape or form with your products and services, give them your all.

You want to leave your constituents feeling good about themselves and their decision to engage with you, one way or another. The better they feel while they’re engaging with whatever it is you have to offer them, the more likely they’ll be to think highly of you, not to mention to spread the word about how favorably impressed they are with your products and services.

A little enthusiasm on the job can go a long way towards making it a pleasure, not a pain, for the members of your audience to do business with you.

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