Labels — They’re Not Just for Nonprofits Anymore

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Direct mail marketers rely on a host of techniques to get people to open, read and respond to their communications, but perhaps no other as obvious – and effective – as the practice of giving away something for nothing. Indeed, whether it’s actually included in the mail piece or promised on the back end, a so-called premium – such as a free decal or t-shirt – more often than not improves response and pays for itself. This is no secret to direct response fundraisers, of course. In fact, most studies suggest that more than half of all direct mail solicitations sent by nonprofit organizations make use of premiums in some way, shape or form. A premium helps an organization command the attention of constituents who might otherwise not give it…
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Michael Gilbert on Nonprofits and Weblogs

Blogging, Fundraising, Marketing
In a brilliant, new article on Nonprofits and Weblogs appearing recently in Nonprofit Online News, Michael Gilbert covers the gamut, from how long he’s been blogging (“longer than anyone else online except for Dave Winer…”), to the cost of publishing his own blog (“90% of the ongoing cost of publishing this blog is my own cost of staying informed and reflecting on what I learn…”), to what motivates him to blog (“it’s the sense of connection that keeps me motivated…”), to much, much more. About nonprofit blogging specifically, Gilbert writes: “In my communication workshops, I still find that nearly every nonprofit organization is rather afraid of the idea of blogging. It's threatening to them to have their staff blogging, it's too much work to have their leaders blogging, and it…
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Nonprofit Technology Advice from Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Direct Marketing, Fundraising
Boston-based Deborah Elizabeth Finn, nonprofit technology consultant and self-proclaimed cyber-yenta, says there are “Ten Things (Just Ten!) That Every Nonprofit Executive Needs to Know About Information Technology” -- and she tells you what they are on her blog. It’s a thoughtful, comprehensive list, one that would probably be just as invaluable to a number of commercial enterprises as well. On her blog, Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector, Finn takes the time to elaborate on each of her points, so after you’ve scanned the list below, make sure to read the full article. “Ten Things (Just Ten!) That Every Nonprofit Executive Needs to Know About Information Technology” by Deborah Elizabeth Finn 1. Very little technical knowledge is required in order for nonprofit CEOs to participate actively in strategic IT…
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Grey Direct’s Lawrence Kimmel Rallies Direct Marketers

Advertising, Direct Marketing, Marketing
Kudos to Lawrence M. Kimmel, chairman and CEO of Grey Direct, for speaking his mind and rallying the direct marketing troops to stand up and be counted – post haste. “I’m frustrated,” writes Kimmel in the November 7 edition of DM News. “As direct marketers, this is our moment to shine. The world of advertising is in radical transformation. The pillars of the ad business -- 30-second commercials, radio advertising, magazines, newspapers and even direct mail -- are losing their effectiveness. Viewership, readership and response rates are declining while costs continue to rise. Consumers are rejecting conventional intrusion advertising en mass and gravitating to inclusion advertising: keyword search, e-mail marketing, targeted online communications. Marketers are demanding greater accountability and better ROI.” “Yet it doesn't seem as if direct marketers are…
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The Virtual Handshake

Blogging, Marketing, Public Relations
As an inveterate blogger (43,000 words and counting), I'm asked all the time why I blog and what I get out of it. For me, the reasons are countless, not the least of which it’s an easy, natural way for me to share my knowledge and experience as a direct marketer and to develop new, mutually-beneficial relationships in the online arena. Yes, a blog is as much a powerful, self-publishing platform as it is a valuable virtual networking tool. It’s just one of many new forms of “social software” (e.g., LinkedIn, Meetup, MySpace, Ryze, etc.) that have emerged in the new millennium and – like it or not – promise to change the way you conduct business forever. With that said, it would be in any business professional’s best interests…
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Blogging Workshop in Boston for “Smart Arts Marketers”

Blogging, Direct Marketing, Fundraising
Forgive the short notice, but if you’re in Boston on November 9 and can spare the afternoon, there’s a blogging 101 workshop for "smart arts marketers" taking place at The Pilot House on Lewis Wharf. Presented by Bill Cass – Director of Internet Marketing Strategies at Backbone Media, President of the Boston chapter of the American Marketing Association and a blogger himself – this workshop promises to help you “gain insight into how blogs can benefit your organization and learn strategies to develop and manage a successful blog.” In addition to Cass, the workshop will also feature a panel discussion and Q&A with the following: *Bill Marx, Arts Critic and Editor of WBUR Online Arts *Steve Garfield, The Paul Revere of Videoblogging,” *Jack Wright, Director of Public Relations, Bank…
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