10 Boston Restaurants Crushing it on Twitter

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It’s one thing to be able to serve great food. It’s quite another to be able to show off those dishes in words and pictures on Twitter so well that your followers like your tweets almost as much as your eats. That’s the irony of marketing a restaurant in this day and age. As if it’s not enough to be considered one of the best places to go for a bite to eat in town. Now they have to have the popularity on social media to prove it. Okay. Maybe that’s a stretch, but the importance of displaying their menus everywhere people are congregating online today cannot be underestimated. More and more potential customers are stalking their every move not just on the grapevine, but on a bevy of newfangled…
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How Over 100 Boston-Area Restaurants Use Twitter

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You've probably heard of them. You may even have been to them. But do you follow them on Twitter? They are the over 100 different restaurants in the Boston area that you will find tweeting about eating that are included in a list I created recently on Twitter. From a great gastropub like Deep Ellum to a classic steakhouse like Abe & Louie's, a legendary sports bar like the Cask 'n Flagon to a highly acclaimed Italian bistro like Figs, they’re some of the most popular restaurants around, places you can count on for good food and good times. In this Twitter list, you can read what these restaurants are up to in 140 characters or less. You can learn more about their menus, their specials, their personalities and their…
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WAAF’s Greg Hill Talks about His New Restaurant in Sudbury, Twitter and More

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I was excited to hear recently that a new restaurant was coming to Sudbury, the town where I live. And given that it was going to be located in Sudbury Town Square, a new complex of shops and business offices that everyone around here has been talking about, I was particularly curious. But I honestly didn’t give this news much thought until I noticed this restaurant happened to be following me on Twitter. How cool was that? What really got my attention, though, was when I got a tweet from this restaurant thanking me for following them and making a reference to my plans to run the Boston Marathon, which they only could have known by doing a little research on me. Of course, I was flattered. Everyone likes to…
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